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ACF Regional Administrator Bob Garcia Welcomes New Americans at Naturalization Ceremony

Photo: ACF Regional Administrator Bob Garcia and his daughter Allison attended a citizenship ceremony in Oakland, California on June 7. RA Garcia was a featured speaker who welcomed more than 1,000 people from 95 countries that took their oath of citizenship that day. Welcoming New...

Specially Hired Federal Interns and Recent Grads Are Staying in Government

Government Executive:  More than 90 percent of federal interns, fellows and other non-competitively hired recent graduates planned to stay in government in the immediate future as of fiscal 2014, according to a new report from the Office of Personnel Management.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Hatch Act?

Government Executive:  Everyone seems to have a lot to say about the 2016 presidential election, and federal employees are likely no exception. But unlike most members of the general public, civil servants are subject to restrictions in the Hatch Act and have to be very careful about how, when...

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