Mission Statement

We are the hub of the Bay Area Federal agencies, connecting through communication, coordination and collaboration.

SFFEB focuses on three areas of federal management: emergency preparedness, workforce development and intergovernmental cooperation.

SFFEB is a leader in cross agency communication and collaboration, implementing national initiatives, and creating leadership development and training opportunities.


Public Service, Integrity, Diversity, Stewardship, Community, Collaboration

Strategic Goals

The San Francisco Bay Area FEB will deliver services under three major Lines of Business.

1. Emergency Preparedness and Employee Safety

  • Notify Federal Agency Leadership of acute emergency situations. Maintain communications, develop resources, and advocate for the Northern & Central California Federal Community as emergencies move towards long-term or significant emergency events.
  • Support & advocate for the wider Emergency Management workforce in all phases: Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.
  • Maintain and expand SFFEB & Federal Agency participation in cross-sector emergency preparedness networks including FEMA RISC, Bay Area UASI, Bay Area JIS, Commuter Safety Committees, Interagency Security Committees, Facility Security Committees, and other FSLTT collaboration activities.
  • Sponsor & support the interagency SFFEB Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG).
  • Operate an all-hazards emergency communication plan and Crisis Management Team
  • Conduct Emergency Notification System tests, participate in National Level Exercises, and support the development of local emergency resources & TT&E capabilities.

2. Workforce Development

  • Provide FREE Alternative Dispute Resolution based Mediation & Facilitated Discussion program for all Northern & Central California based Agencies & Offices.
  • Recognize high-performing Federal Employees through our yearly Federal Employees of the Year Awards program.
  • Identify & offer relevant, cost effective trainings, development programs, and forums best met by the unique regional convening authority of the Federal Executive Boards.
  • Manage & provide direction for Leadership Development Programs.
  • Support Federal Agency recruitment & retention efforts. Co-sponsoring multi-agency job fairs including general population, targeted job series, and targeted talent pipelines efforts.
  • Sponsor & support the interagency SFFEB Human Resources Council.
  • Support OPM & OMB national initiatives with local events and support (Presidential Management Agenda, Hiring Reforms, Re-skilling, PMF Program, Combined Federal Campaign, Public Service Recognition Week, etc.)
  • Providing awareness & ground-truthing for government-wide policy needs to OPM & OMB HQ.

3. Intergovernmental Collaboration

  • Sponsor & support interagency SFFEB Councils which support a wide range of Communities of Practice.
  • In support of OPM, provide oversight of Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for Northern & Central California.
  • Maintain formal & informal partnerships with several dozen community Non-Profits, Private Sector Entities, Federal Program Offices & Commissions, and City/County/State offices.
  • Provide info & awareness of federal opportunities like VSFS, Open Opportunities, etc. Develop local resources via interagency teams.
  • Assist the SFFEB Governing Board with new team building, bylaws review, and improved meeting content.
  • Continue and strengthen participation in successful community events (Public Service Recognition Week, Federal Employees of the Year Awards, Feds Feed Families, Toys for Tots, Federal Employee Emergency Assistance Scholarship, Feds Night at the Ballpark, Interagency Golf Tournament, etc).