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The Human Resources Council provides a professional network for the Bay Area federal human resources community, with regular meetings, briefings on current topics, and shared resources. Chair, Robert Trefault, Office of Personnel Management,

 My Annuity and Benefits, OPM Info

Your Federal Annuity Video by OPM


The Merit System Principles Keys to Managing the Federal Workforce, January 2017

FY17 Bay Area Locality Pay Table

OPM’s Workforce Reshaping Operations Handbook, March 2017

OPM’s Guidance for Administrative Furloughs, March 2017


Did you Know?

You can order Service Award Certificates from the GPO

2017 Activities

Hiring Freeze Rapid Response Collaboration Page

PMC Rotation Program


In 2016 we hosted:

OPM’s Hiring Excellence Training

Non-Competitive Hiring Authorities

Topics of Focus:

  • Labor Relations/Employee Relations
  • Pay in San Francisco Region for lower grades and Wage and Hour staff
  • Addressing Stress in the Workplace
  • Sharing PDs between agencies
  • Identifying Peace Corps  graduates for hiring outreach