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Participants and coordinators: visit the program’s Collaboration page

Developing future leaders is an important aspect of agency management.  With that in mind, SFFEB is excited to share information about an initiative led by the President’s Management Council (PMC).  This program matches high-potential GS 13-15s with six-month interagency rotational assignments that enable emerging Federal leaders to expand their management skills, broaden their organizational experience, and foster networks they can leverage in the future.

Please encourage high-potential GS 13-15s within your agency to participate in a rotation, with the concurrence of their immediate supervisor and component management, and encourage managers to host a PMC Rotations Fellow. During a time of limited resources, releasing a top performer for six months is a difficult decision.  This is a chance to offer high-potential staff members an exceptional learning experience.  You may also want to consider hosting one of the program’s participants.


PMC Rotations will be from April 3, 2017 – September 29, 2017. We appreciate your support for this effort.  If you have questions, please contact: Sara Russell, 415-625-7723

Downloads below include a brief program overview with additional details and a recently released memorandum from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management encouraging our participation.


PMC-FEB Brochure

PMC-2 Pager

PMC-FEB Rotations Testimonials

SFFEB-PMC Kickoff Presentation

PMC Rotation Program Participation Summary