What can the Federal Executive Board (FEB) Network do for you?

Ever wonder what the FEBs do or can do for you? Well, check out this podcast episode from FEDUpward, and learn about the “Federal Executive Boards and What They Can Do For You.” LINK

Did you miss the 40th FEYA Ceremony?

Click HERE for the 40th FEYA video, and leave your comments and congratulations to the winners.

SFFEB YouTube Channel: Check out all of our virtual FEYA ceremonies and much more.


The updated program (with winners) can be found HERE: 2022 FEYA Program

Upcoming Events & Training Opportunities

  • 06/19/2023, All day: Juneteenth National Independence Day
  • 06/20/2023, 1:30 pm: FEMA Webinar Session with the Virginia Employment Commission
  • 07/04/2023, All day: Independence Day
  • 07/05/2023, 3:00 pm: FEMA Info Session and Resume Workshop

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