Leadership Development Programs

The SFFEB formally sponsors three Leadership Development Programs. We are also a partner & host site for a number of external Leadership Development Programs. The SFFEB supports collaboration between agencies as they facilitate informal & formal Leadership Development activities around shared needs like Mentoring & Coaching. To find out what’s happening in the SFFEB, check out our calendar and search by “Leadership Development.” 

Federal Employee of the Year Awards (FEYA) Program

The FEYA Winners are announced at the FEYA Awards during Public Service Recognition Week (usually the first week in May).  This event has been held for over 50 years and continues to celebrate the work of Federal service in Northern California. For more information on the FEYA program, event and awards, check out our Recognition of Federal Employees page, and our calendar for more information, and get your nomination in today.

Mediation Program

Utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, the Shared Neutrals Program works to provide FREE mediation & facilitated discussions upon request from federal agencies. All Federal Agencies in Northern California are welcome to use these services and trainings are provided every couple of years to personnel who would like to become a Federal Mediator. To find out more about mediation, check out our Mediation & Facilitated Discussions page. 

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs provides valuable information, educational materials, resources, and self-assessments on key behavioral health topics, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, alcohol abuse, and health and wellness, to help you live healthy and work well. To find links, resources and more information, check out our Resources for Feds page. 

Local Training Programs

The SFFEB focuses workforce development opportunities on our intergovernmental, human resources, and emergency preparedness initiatives as well as prepare our community’s future leaders. We first consider training that emphasizes intergovernmental & cross-sector development, Best Practices, development of current & future leaders, and savings due to economies of scale. Soft Skills classes are available to help employees improve customer service, grammar, and public speaking skills. Local training saves travel dollars and provides networking & interagency collaboration opportunities. For more information on that training programs the SFFEB is sponsoring, promoting or just advertising, check out our calendar and filter for “Other Training Opportunities.” 

Federal Academic Alliance

A partnership with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management that provides higher educational opportunities to the Federal workforce. Federal employees can move at their own pace to pursue post-secondary education at reduced tuition rates. All Federal employees are eligible; some agreements extend this benefit to spouses and legal dependents. For more information on what’s available, check our