What happens at Governing Board meetings?

All Federal employees are welcome to attend the Governing Board meetings. The overall purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for local Federal Agency leadership & leaders within the local Federal community to pinpoint local needs & priorities as well as to develop strategies & initiatives to address these needs. The Board will often host experts from Federal agencies, the private sector, and the Presidential administration to share pertinent information with the local Federal community.

How are FEBs involved in emergency preparedness?

FEBs increase emergency preparedness of Federal communities by facilitating planning, training, and coordination among Federal agencies to ensure continuity of operations, and assuring Federal community awareness by providing timely and accurate communication of emergency information. The SFFEB sponsors an interagency Emergency Preparedness Working Group and an annual Table Top Exercise to assist agencies in training, testing, and exercising their emergency plans.

How are FEBs involved in workforce development?

FEBs conduct outreach to inspire and educate key pools of talent needed by government; provide cost-effective services to resolve disputes and preserve working relationships through Alternative Dispute Resolution, also known as a Shared Neutrals Program; and develop the Federal workforce by providing critical training opportunities and learning experiences.

The SFFEB has sponsored a mid-career Leadership Development program for more than 25 years. It has consistently provided interagency networking, developmental opportunities, and projects which have been designed to develop core leadership competencies in a cost-effective format. Starting in 2017, these programs were  redeveloped in to the Leadership Development Program in coordination with the highly regarded non-profit training organization: Coro Northern California.

What are the benefits of the FEBs organizing trainings and programs, rather than agencies organizing their own programs?

FEBs organize & offer programs that multiple agencies would otherwise all individually spend their limited funds to pay for – either by sending employees to another city/state or by each agency individually paying for trainers to travel to the Bay Area. Through active membership & coordination by Federal leaders, agencies are able to reduce duplicative efforts & achieve increased efficiencies. Each year, the SFFEB saves participating agencies thousands of dollars in cost avoidance.

COOP and Telework

Continuity Planning is a requirement for each federal executive department and agency. It ensures the execution of Essential Functions and the fundamental duty of meeting stakeholder needs.

FEMA has provided a brochure to help promote the need of Continuity of Operations plans: https://www.fema.gov/pdf/about/org/ncp/coop_brochure.pdf

Federal emergency managers can also join our Emergency Preparedness Working Group to share best practices and coordinate on continuity training and exercises.

SFFEB maintains a 24/7 emergency notification system. Agency administrative personnel, program managers, or agency leaders can send contact info updates of the Emergency Notification & Local Agency POC Form to: ContactSFFEB@dol.gov.