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The San Francisco FEB sponsors annual Administrative Professionals Day events with two goals:

  • To provide a full day event that recognizes and honors our Federal employees who perform vital work in the various administrative professional positions in our agencies, and
  • To provide a training or developmental program for those in the Administrative Professional positions.

Download Flyer:  Admin-Day-2018

Administrative Professionals Day
April 25, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Enrollment: $150/person

Location: Philip Burton Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco
Conference Room: California/Nevada 2nd Floor

The Bamboo Principle shares the habits and tactics that distinguish truly productive people from those
who merely possess talent, and provides you with a series of activities that promise to boost your
productivity, help you plan a career, and even prepare for a perfect retirement. Learn the secrets of top
performers, debunk many myths about success, and apply the lessons taught by timber bamboo—the
world’s strongest grass. Live a life of balance, and do more of what you love!
After you complete this workshop, you will have a deeper understanding about yourself, your talents,
and the kinds of work and projects where you thrive and feel truly gratified. This class doesn’t offer a
couple of skills; it provides a plan and a suggested shift in mindset that builds greater confidence and
focus. The Bamboo Development Model™ enables you address the right activities in the right sequence,
and we complete the class with a detailed Personal Development Plan. Managers will have a
communication tool for leveraging their teams’ talents, and individuals will have a process for
promotion, productivity and daily effectiveness.

Topics Include:
• The Bamboo Principle Defined
• Three Myths about Your Potential
• What Bamboo Teaches about Business
• The Truth about the Overnight Success
• How to Communicate & Coach your Peers
• The 7 Roots Beneath Results
• Build Your Personal Development Plan
• Work/Life Balance & Stress Reduction
• Catalysts that Sustain Your Progress

You are aware of your strengths and talents, now learn the most efficient ways to develop and even
monetize them, while living the mystical virtues of timber bamboo. You will receive a workbook and a
copy of Ken Lodi’s book, The Bamboo Principle. Looking forward to seeing you there!
To Register please contact Ken at , 323-833-9933

Questions? Call SFFEB:, Gail Castenda, 415-625-2461 or

Creator of The Bamboo Principle, Ken Lodi is a business coach, author and professional speaker.
He has delivered over 3,000 presentations in 5 countries, and worked as a behind the scenes coach
to people in sports and entertainment. He has produced several corporate training videos, and
provided the voice-over for many successful audio training programs. He has been featured as a
subject matter expert on NBC News and FOX.
Sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area
Federal Executive Board

Prior Administrative Professionals programs have included topics such as:

  • Time Management (2017)
  • Secrets to a More Fufilling and Productive Day (2016)
  • Simply Grammar (2014)
  • Growing Your Emotional Intelligence (2011)
  • Enhancing Your SUCCESS Factor—the Keys to Becoming Faster, Quicker, and Better (2008)
  • Enhancing Your WOW Factor—the Keys to Becoming Faster, Quicker, and Better(2007)