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LDP Class of 2016:

Chuck Swanson-EPA, Jamie Marincola-EPA, Philip Kum-EPA, Alayna Williams-GSA, Demetria Manuselis-DOL, Demetria Summers-GSA and Matt Yttrup-GSA

2016 graduates

SFFEB Sponsors Three Leadership Development Programs

1)  SFFEB’s Leadership Development Program – Focus on GS 11-13 or equivalent





The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a program developed by the SFFEB competency-based program that provides training and developmental experiences for high-potential GS11-13s and prepares them for leadership positions in the Federal government. It holds special significance for employees who need to complement their technical expertise with professional leadership knowledge, skills, and experience. A structure has been designed for program participants to acquire or build on the competencies needed to become successful Federal leaders.

The goals of the Leadership Development Program are to:
•Prepare participants for senior leadership positions within the Federal government
•Assess and develop members’ aptitude and capabilities about the Executive CoreQualifications through a variety of experiential training methods
•Enable participants to work with Federal agencies to identify and solve real organizational problems
•Expose participants to leadership and management best practices of both governmental and non-governmental organizations

The program begins September 28th;we will accept pre-payment from your agency now and hold placements for your agency, this is not required, but helpful if you have year end funds to obligate.  If you pay now, be sure to applicants staff from your agency!

You can pay full tuition ($1,000) or a down-payment of $250.  Scholarships are available.  For payment information, please contact Gail Castaneda, 415-625-2461.

Applications are due Sept. 15th.

We’re also looking for senior managers to participate as mentors, see the attached application, also due Sept. 15th.


  • Nine Month Program
  • 14 Days Training
  • Leadership Competencies
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Communication
    • Team Building
    • Leading Change
    • Leading People
  • Federal Business Acumen Skills – Four days of training on:
    • Federal Budgets and Funding & Preparing for Management
  • Monthly Mentor Meetings (Please see Mentor Application and consider becoming a mentor)
  • Individual and Group Projects


All Applications must be signed by the applicant’s immediate supervisor and the Agency Director or designee.If you have any questions, please call Gail Castaneda at 415-625-2461, I’m out on vacation returning Aug. 21.

We held a webinar two weeks ago, the link to the recording is here and below are answers to the questions.


  1. Orientation is September 27 & 28th.
  2. How would you characterize the changes to the program this year?
    1. Less emphasis on reporting out by participants, more rigorous training, and more varied experiences.
  3. I have a work conflict during the orientation. Is attendance required to participate?   Generally speaking yes, but I will do a second orientation in October for those who can’t make September.
  4. Dates:  All sessions are Wednesdays/Thursdays, sorry for the confusion.  Updated list of dates:
    1. 9/27-28, 2017
    2. 11/29-30, 2017
    3. 1/24-25, 2018
    4. 2/28-3/1, 2018
    5. 3/28-29, 2018
    6. 4/25-26, 2018
    7. 5/30-31, 2018
    8. 6/21/2018, graduation
  1. How many face to face meetings will take place?  All meetings designed to be face to face
  2. Is there a tuition cost for mentors? – No
  3. If we already volunteer with the FEB’s Shared Neutrals Program, is this factored into the selection criteria?  Not exactly, I would include it in your application, and we will treat it like any other federal experience you have.
  4. I’m not able to make it on Feb 28- March 1, is there an alternative date if we all vote?  I don’t think we’ll be moving dates, but we can discuss during orientation what date challenges we have.
  5. If my agency cannot pay for the tuition, can I pay for it out of my pocket?  No, we will not accept personal payment.  Just ask for a scholarship for the full amount.
  6. Is there a maximum number of participants?  No, but we don’t want to go past 20 or so.

2)  Intergovernmental Management Training Program – Focus on Team Leaders and Managers with 3-5 years experience – SFFEB Co-Sponsor

The IGMT program, now starting its 49th year, is designed to foster and improve inter-governmental relationships among promising mid-management staff.  Participants come from all sectors of government (city, county, state, federal, education, special district, as well as affiliated organizations), and virtually every profession represented by those agencies.

Applications Open Now, Federal Applicants can apply past the deadline.


More Information and Application

Lisa Crowe, Program Administrator
Department of Business Oversight
1515 K Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916·324·6623     Email:

3)  OPM’s Presidential Management Council Rotational Development Program

Focus on GS 13-15 or equivalent

Participants and coordinators: visit the program’s Collaboration page

Developing future leaders is an important aspect of agency management.  With that in mind, SFFEB is excited to share information about an initiative led by the President’s Management Council (PMC).  This program matches high-potential GS 13-15s with six-month interagency rotational assignments that enable emerging Federal leaders to expand their management skills, broaden their organizational experience, and foster networks they can leverage in the future.

Please encourage high-potential GS 13-15s within your agency to participate in a rotation, with the concurrence of their immediate supervisor and component management, and encourage managers to host a PMC Rotations Fellow. During a time of limited resources, releasing a top performer for six months is a difficult decision.  This is a chance to offer high-potential staff members an exceptional learning experience.  You may also want to consider hosting one of the program’s participants.

PMC Rotations will be from April 3, 2017 – September 29, 2017. We appreciate your support for this effort.  If you have questions, please contact: Sara Russell, 415-625-7723

Downloads below include a brief program overview with additional details and a recently released memorandum from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management encouraging our participation.


PMC-FEB Brochure

PMC-2 Pager

PMC-FEB Rotations Testimonials

SFFEB-PMC Kickoff Presentation

PMC Rotation Program Participation Summary