The SFFEB develops and improves relationships with all levels of government by focusing on partnerships and outreach opportunities and helps local agency directors implement national outreach programs and White House Initiatives by coordinating local resources through development of relationships with the city, state, county government and through public and non-profit sector partnerships.

The SFFEB provides senior federal agency officials the opportunity to network across agency lines, and assists in coordinating hiring events, and to fill priority vacancies within the regional agencies. 

The SFFEB maintains a database of regional personnel and leadership to maintain communication, pass information across agency lines, and update leadership on issues that affects their workforce. 

Status in Other Geographic Areas

Federal Executive Boards are located in cities which are major centers of Federal activity, and composed of the Federal field office agency heads and military commanders in these cities. Given a weather-related situation, the Boards provide information to the local agency head to assist that individual in making an operating status decision. Please note that each local agency head makes workforce status decisions for their agency employees. Federal employees in geographic areas outside of the Washington, DC area should check with their agency regarding the operating status of their duty station.